How does it work?

Advanced Shoe Lab has the knowledge and capacities to use the SafeSize® technology in the following fields:


»Bespoke shoes« are shoes based on the measurements of a defined customer and are (predominantly) manufactured only in a single pair for this customer. The worldwide contenders still produces customized shoes using very basic technologies. Advanced Shoe Lab uses advanced technologies to produce a bespoke pair of shoes for a defined customer.



Diabetic patients need a special treatment when ordering new shoes that the current SafeSize® technology for healthy people cannot comply to. Advanced Shoe Lab is working on the diabetics’ specifics and make corrections on the basic SafeSize® recommendation system. 



Customers who have problems with Hallux Valgus are currently served inadequately: either they cannot find shoes that would support their condition or such shoes are very expensive. Advanced Shoe Lab is developing shoe models which will relieve customers who suffer from Hallux Valgus of pain when wearing shoes. Advanced Shoe Lab will develop technologies which will not only simplify the production process but also reduce the costs and enable vendors to offer specific Hallux Valgus shoes that fit.



Customers with foot problems who require special treatment concerning their shoe purchase are also currently not taken good care of, as such shoes are not easily found or can only be acquired at a high price.

Advanced Shoe Lab is currently developing the technology which will enable shoemakers to produce customized shoes much easier at affordable prices.



The grading of children's shoe lasts is based on 50-year-old dated manual measurements of kid´s feet. The sales in the physical shops do not correspond with the latest developments in the footwear sector. Advanced Shoe Lab’s new grading of children's shoes will be based on over 1 million measurements and will take the lengths as well as the widths into account.