The team behind Advanced Shoe Lab

The founders of Advanced Shoe Lab are Martin and Aleksander Kopac.


Martin Kopac, MSc

Martin has spent most of his career in the footwear industry. For many years he was General Manager of Alpina, a major shoe company. He was co-founder and first president of the European Technology Platform for Footwear and member of the European industrial technology platform Manufuture. Having left Alpina, he and his son Aleksander founded UCS, a company that has paved a highly innovative way to shoe selling of the future.


Aleksander Kopac, BSc

Aleksander is co-founder of UCS and has 25 years of entrepreneurial experience. He founded and successfully managed a wholesale company. Aleksander holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Studies, and is specialized in marketing. After selling UCS he founded AlpVent AG, a Swiss investment company.

In UCS Aleksander and Martin brought together experienced people from footwear development, manufacturing, retail, last production, information technology, electronics, orthopedics and biomechanics. The company has managed to develop technologically superb solutions for the shoe production and retailing industries.

In just seven years, the company developed globally unique technologies and instruments that are not only in place around the world but also widely used. The outcome is called SafeSize® and offers innovative sizing solutions for manufacturers, retailers and institutional buyers.

Contrary to popular belief and common sense, shoe sizes are arbitrary because every manufacturer uses different logic when labeling shoes with sizes. E.g. U.S. size 10 can not only vary from brand to brand, but even between different models of the same brand. In a world where the actual size of a shoe is different from the declared size, finding an optimal sizing solution is an important challenge. UCS succeeded in finding a successful solution.

In December 2015 UCS was sold to the Dutch company LFT. They put together their solution for giving functional advice to shoe buyers and together with SafeSize® shoe size recommendation came out with an amazing new solution. See more at

Advanced Shoe Lab is going to extend the use of SafeSize® technology from customers with healthy feet to those who experience problems in regard to the fitting of their shoes.